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Pantelis Korovilas holds degrees from the Graphic Arts Technology Center of Iowa and Iowa State University (ISU). He loves to travel and has worked with prominent clients throughout the Midwest. Pantelis received several awards (including a Gold Addy at the Quad City Advertising Federation’s annual ceremony), displayed in galleries around Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, and served on the Board of Directors for the Clinton Art Association and Gallery. His portfolio includes work for individuals, nonprofits, small and corporate business clients, and musicians, to name a few. This includes everything from web banners and interactive media to print advertising and branding projects.

Additionally, Pantelis has striven to give back by applying his background towards considerable work in the nonprofit sector. He has spoken at ISU’s Sustainability Symposium, guest lectured for the Department of Sociology at the same university, and has appeared on ISUtv for topics such as “journalistic ethics” and “rhetoric in politics.”

Pantelis managed the photography, interview editing, and design for Starting the Conversation. His individual work can be viewed at

Cam McKenzie is a graduate of McNally Smith College of Music as well as Iowa State University with degrees in Recording Engineering and Journalism & Mass Communications. Among his joys of audio and video engineering, he is an avid traveler, photographer, and musician. Cam has worked for WHO Channel 13 in Des Moines, recorded and produced albums for various bands, and done video work for clients such as WeCar and the state of Iowa.

Cam has strong views on the objectivity and ethics of news and journalism, and strives to provide such high standards of content to his audience. He has produced, directed, and written for a political sketch comedy show on ISUtv, as well as appeared and spoke on “Dangerous Rhetoric” hosted by James Redler.

Cam managed video, audio, and editing for Starting the Conversation. His individual work can be viewed at


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